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Hello World! 👋

Hello World! 👋

Marvin von Rappard
Data Scientist & Bachelor of Science Student

Published on Nov 11, 2023

Hey there! 👋 I’m thrilled to roll out my latest creation, a personal website that’s a blend of my career highlights and the digital playground where I share my thoughts in the form of posts. Whether you stumbled upon this site by chance or came here out of curiosity, I’m glad you did. Stick around, and I promise to make the journey worth your while!

About Me

I’m Marvin, I’m a Data Scientist! I come from the center of Switzerland, Baden to be precise. I currently study Data Science at FHNW (Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz). It’s a fascinating field that truly resonates with my interest for numbers, patterns, and the powerful stories they can tell.

Outside academia, I’m just as passionate about applying my data expertise in practical scenarios. In my posts you’ll find anything programming or AI-related, with a special sweet spot for deep learning.

The Website

Picture this website as a digital portfolio. It’s where my CV unrolls itself for you to wander through my projects, skills and interests.

Expect to see updates about new projects, musings on the latest developments in AI and machine learning, and practical tips for fellow enthusiasts.

Stick Around!

And that’s the essence of what to expect around here! I’m eager to share my projects, primarily in the deep learning domain, and to engage with you on other entertaining Programming and AI adventures. For the scoop on new posts, make sure to follow me on X, you won’t want to miss what’s coming next. Thanks for stopping by, and let the journey begin! 🚀